What's An Invoice ?

What's An Invoice ?

An invoice is a financial document which indicates the supply of goods or services between a vendor and a customer.

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    • What happens if I don't pay my invoice on time?

      The first thing to do is contact our billing department as you may be able to work out an arrangement for a payment plan or a late payment fee.  If you are unable to pay your invoice and have no other options, please note that we might put a halt to ...
    • What's An Estimate ?

      An Estimate is a proposal or statement of work that we send to our customers which details all the items and their respective prices. After you accept the estimate, it can be converted to an invoice subsequently.
    • Update Your Billing Period

      The billing period, or billing cycle, is the length of time between invoices. You can increase this time interval, but you can't choose which day of the month you receive the invoice on. The default billing cycle is every thirty (30) days, and the ...
    • Charge Types

      Creative TRND has both recurring charges and one-time charges. Make sure that you understand the different recurring or one time charges that can appear on your estimates or invoices. One-time charges, such as the fees you pay for registering a ...
    • View & Download Your Monthly Invoices

      As soon as you start paying for ads with Monthly Invoicing, you can view your invoices and payment activity, as well as download your invoices in your Portal.